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HONDA Motorcycle
Electronic Parts Catalogue

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Model Frame Engine
TypeNameYearAreaTypePrefixStart #End #TypePrefixStart #End #Common name
1348CRM75RK1989SPGY8A2 60K  999999GY8A1 601  zzzzzzzz 
1349CRM75RL1990SPGY8F2 60L  999999GY8A1 60L  zzzzzzzz 
1350CRM75RM1991SPGY8H2 60M  999999GY8A1 60M  zzzzzzzz 
1351CRM75RP1993SPGY8L2 60P  999999GY8J1 60P  zzzzzzzz 
1352CRM75RR1994SPGY8M2 60R  999999GY8J1 60R  zzzzzzzz 

XRV Honda Motorcycle EPC
Version 8.01 , Release Date 2004-01-01 , Years 1987-2004

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